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01.Anathar Sword of Power (OUT OF STOCK)
02.Kit Rae Universal Sword Plaque
03.Mithrodin Sword (OUT OF STOCK)
04.Luciendar Sword of Light (OUT OF STOCK)
05.Sedethul First Sword of Avanthia
06.Black Legion Axe Black Blade
07.Kit Rae Dark Exotath 20th Anniversary
08.Kit Rae Black Legion War Axe
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Kit Rae Universal Sword Plaque
Order this plaque as a gift. The one I received was a differ ..
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Kit Rae Swords

In the beginning of things in ages past there were the Ancient Ones, masters of flesh, fire, and steel, who forged the elements of which the land was made. When men and beasts came into the world the Ancient Ones purposed to have dominion over them, hence they commanded that the Dark Elves create the "Swords of the Ancients." They were forged of secret alloys and each sword was bequeathed its own special power. The swords have been used throughout the ages in the eternal struggle between good and evil.</p><p>Each sword includes a full-color art print and a new chapter in "The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients."
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 Kit Rae Universal Sword Plaque   Kit Rae Universal Sword Plaque 
A unique display plaque for every sword. Constructed from solid wood and a...
$29.95   Buy Now  
 Luciendar Sword of Light (OUT OF STOCK)   Luciendar Sword of Light (OUT OF STOCK) 
Engraved on the hilt are sacred writings that give the wielder power to be...
$109.95   Buy Now  
 Mithrodin Sword (OUT OF STOCK)   Mithrodin Sword (OUT OF STOCK) 
The Mithrodin Sword was forged by Toukol, a young Elven farrier and blacks...
$109.95   Buy Now  
 Black Legion Axe Black Blade   Black Legion Axe Black Blade 
The fiercest of the Black Legion were the Barumen Axemen of Lokonia. These...
$119.95   Buy Now  
 Sedethul First Sword of Avanthia   Sedethul First Sword of Avanthia 
From the Swords of the Ancients™ collection! The 420 stainless steel...
$129.95   Buy Now  
 Kit Rae Black Legion War Axe   Kit Rae Black Legion War Axe 
420 stainless steel blade and back spike, engraved runes, solid metal fittings, black steel handle shaft, and a genuine leather wrapped grip.
$134.95   Buy Now  
 Kit Rae Dark Exotath 20th Anniversary   Kit Rae Dark Exotath 20th Anniversary 
The "Exotath" is back and it's bigger, badder and bolder than ever! Legendary fantasy artist and weapon designer Kit Rae wows the fantasy cutlery world yet again with this special edition of the Exotath.
$139.95   Buy Now  
 Anathar Sword of Power (OUT OF STOCK)   Anathar Sword of Power (OUT OF STOCK) 
Anathar features a 420 stainless steel (false edged) blade with deep fuller grooves on both sides and a laser engraved Kit Rae emblem.
$159.95   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1