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Herugrim -Sword of King Theoden (OUT OF STOCK)
I've been waiting for this sword to come for the longest tim ..
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Herugrim -Sword of King Theoden (OUT OF STOCK)
by Lord X E Ryder Date Added: Wednesday 20 December, 2006
I have been a tournament sword fighter and jouster for some time in Adrian Empire and the AJA. I have handled many weapons and spend a great deal of time practicing my swordplay.

This weapon is finely made, handles well, and with a stainless blade it will last a very long time with minimal care. Corrosion is nearly impossible with a little effort.

Clearly you would not want to fight with such a fine weapon, and stainless is more brittle to be sure, but parade and presentation use is well suited to this blade.

After spearing rings on a medieval gaming course on horseback with this weapon, I can say it performed well and impressed onlookers as well.

I purchased this weapon out of respect for the noble character in the trilogy that wielded it - King Theodan. He was a just king and good man in my opinion.

While so many purchase the swords of the main characters, this blade will take you off the well-beaten path to enjoy a true masterpiece.

Lord X E Ryder KoJ

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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